April Favs

Spring Walks

I have loved walking around this month. The flowers are blooming. The smells are amazing. Plus no more thick winter coats – I hate coats. The countryside comes alive this time of year and I love every second of it.



I ventured out of Wales this month to become a kid again. I travelled up to Bristol o visit airhop, the trampoline place. We were kids again for the day. I did not want to leave.  It was good fun however I did feel the effects the next day. My back was in half, ouch. It was a good workout, much better then spending time at the gym. I’d go back in a heatbeat. I will make sure I’m stocked up on deep heat first.



The last Kingdom

I am loving this show. It keeps me wanting more. It is on season two. I recommend watching season one first. It is not the type of show where you can skip a season – you will get lost. It follows Utred who was born a saxon but had been brought up by Vikings. He is after justice and revenge for those who killed his Viking family. Boy does he search for it. It is cram packed with plots, twists, battles, kings and wars.




April is the month of birthdays for me. Which does mean lots of birthday cake, yummy. Around 80% of my family/ friends are born in April. It is one crazy month. Lots of parties, lots of presents but mainly cake, tea and a chat. I love April however it is

I miss my car

I didn’t learn to drive until I was 24. Mainly because of my love of walking. I much prefer to walk somewhere then to jump in a car. A little while ago I had major surgery ( I am fine) which meant I could not drive for 6 weeks.

No problem I thought. Easy peasy. I’ll be in bed most of the time and I like a walk so it will be fine. I was so so wrong.

Luckily I recovered quickly but still couldn’t drive. Purely because if I needed to do an emergency stop I would bust a stich open. Which is something to avoid.

I didn’t realize how much I have come to rely on my car. I miss the freedom that came with driving. I miss the silly things like being able to drive back and fore to the supermarket. If I forgot milk it wasn’t a problem I could just nip back – can’t do that without a lot of effort involved right now.  I miss not having to carry bags around. I am looking forward to being able to go back to my favourite parks again – all of which I have to drive to.

I do not or ever will enjoy driving but it is handy and makes life much easier.


My boyfriend crashed my car.

No curtesy car.

I cant drive until I get a new one.


X Kaylz X


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Spring Walks

I find spring to be the best time of year to have a wonder around and discover new walks. My discovery this year is clyne gardens.

It is a hidden gem. It is not the largest of parks but that makes it more intimate. You are closer to the flowers.

With my beauty and the beast obsession (the new film is amazing) it shold be no surprise to anyone that my favourite flower is the rose. I have never seen so many roses as I did when walking around Clyne gardens.


The garden is full of them. I was in pure rose joy.


The gardens remind me of a fairy tale. It would not surprise me if I saw pixies dancing at the bottom of a tree the next time I visit.



I am not done with my Spring adventures yet.


X Kaylz X

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Book Writing


As some of you may know I am writing a book. I haven’t mentioned it on here since my New Years Resolution post back in January so I thought it was time for an update.

I have all most finished my second draft. I have the last five chapters to do and I’m super excited.  Once I’m done I will be sending it off to proof readers. It will be the first time I get feed back which is something I am both nervous and excited for. My proof readers have promised to be brutal. I need them to be for two reasons:

  1. I have to get used to criticism. Everyone who read it will have their own opinion. Not all of them may be nice.
  2. It will help me write the final draft. It’s good to have a fresh pair of eyes look at my work to help me see it in a new light.


This book has taken me over a year to write because my first draft was written by hand. Using a simple pen and paper helps me to be creative in ways I can’t on a screen. Even the changes get written down on paper first before I type them up.

I have loved everything that writing a book involves. I know I haven’t finished it or released it yet but I am having to much fun to stop. There will defiantly be more then one.

More updates soon 🙂

X Kaylz X

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March Favs


The whole bath bomb section Lush. I love everyone that I have tried so far. My ultimate favourite is the sex bath bomb as it has rose petals and make my skin feel super soft.img_4904


Beauty and the beast

I thought I would love this film and I did. I loved Gaston way more then I thought I would.

I encourage people to go watch it.



I have become a big fan of coffee this month. It is in part to help me get over my fizz addiction – which is slowly disappearing. I am careful. I don’t want to swop addiction to fizz for an addiction to caffeine.

However a cup every now an then is all right. I love to have one in a proper coffee shop while typing on my laptop.

Snow Drops

I can’t have flowers in my house because of my cat Sookie. She will either eat them or break the vase I put them in. If I could have flowers I would get some snow drops. I think they are so pretty and full of the promise of spring. To me the flower shines elegance and grace. It is my favourite flower this month.



My sweet tooth has pounced on me this month. I’m normally more of a savoury person however this month it’s been all about the chocolate.

It has started to calm down slightly however I still munch on a few Lindors or galaxies in the day.

At my worst  this month it was not uncommon to see me eat chocolate for breakfast or eat Nutella with a spoon.

I’m not to sure why I have had a sudden chocolate taste bud but it is welcome back anytime.

X Kaylz X

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TV I need now

Ok so the first one isn’t a show but a film. However I have been so excited to see this movie it had to go on the top of the list.


I cannot wait for the new beauty and the beast film. It is my favourite fairy take and my favourite Disney movie. I was unsure about Emma Watsons playing Belle at first but after I saw the trailer I was sold. I have no doubt that she will be perfect.

I can guarantee there will be no work happening on the day this film is released.


Outlander season three

Outlander is one of the main reasons I have amazon prime. I have loved the last two seasons and I am eagerly waiting for the third.

It is one of the rare shows where I prefer the show over the books. Which is shocking as I’m book mad. However I think the actors on screen play the characters better then they played out in my head.  The are awesome actors. 🙂

Because of this I have not read the third book so I have no idea where the story is going to go. I’m looking forward to funding out.


Game of Thrones

I think this is the show that most people are looking forward to this year and I’m no exception.

I have tried to avoid all the leaks that the internet has been spewing up lately.

I personally don’t want to know. What I love about Game of Thrones is it’s ability to shock me so I feel the spoilers will take away from that.

However I do understand peoples need for more with this show. At this point we cannot read the book because George is still writing it. Which is frustrating.

Plus we have less episodes and longer to wait for them. They have got rid of episode nine. I know what to expect on episode nine. Bad things. I don’t know when to brace myself any more.

X Kaylz X

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