My Spooky Reads 

Gerald’s Game by Stephen King

Every year I read a Stephen King book, he is the king of horror after all. I chose Gerald Game because Netflix have made it into a film that I want to watch. 

I am not good with horror films so I’m hoping that by reading the book the film will not be as scary, hopefully.

Word Sister by Terry Pratchett

I know this book is not scary or spooky but I’m all for any reason to pick up a Terry Pratchett book. 

Frankenstein by Mary Shelly

No spooky Halloween list would be complete without the original queen of horror Mary Shelly. This book will be a reread for me. I may save this book for Halloween night 

Enjoy the spooks 👻 x kaylz x

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I’ve lost it 

It official I’ve lost it.

After being in my new home for two months I have had to come to terms with the fact that I’ve lost an entire box of stuff.

What is even more devastating is that this box contained my favourite reads and my notes for the book I’ve been writing. The book I was three chapters away from finishing.

A court of mist and fury and a court of wings and ruin by Sarah j Maas gone.

My jonas jonasson books gone.

Plus some Brent weld and Stephen king.

I’m gutted.

The blow has been softened though as I started to write a new book while I was searching for the old one. I’m currently on chapter 17 out of 45.

This will never replace the book I have lost however.

It was called Timber and it was full of magic and trees.


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A visit to Hogwarts 

After years of wanting to go I finally visited the Harry Potter Studio. It was worth the wait.

I want to start of by saying the staff there are so nice. I went with my bff and because of train delays we were late. We were worried that we would not get in but the staff reassured us at every possible point that it was fine. Sure enough we were let in without a problem. Any question we had was answered with enthusiasm and a smile. I cannot compliment the staff enough.  They made the visit that extra bit wonderful.

When they unveiled the great Hall I was too busy looking at everything to take pictures. The ones I got were taken very last minute. The great hall is the only bit of the tour that is timed. The rest you can look and take photos for as long as you like. 

The only part of the tour that was a tad disappointing were the headphones. They squeezed my head so tight that I got a slight headache. I took them off shortly after this photo was taken. 

However this in no way ruined the trip as everywhere had helpful signs and videos about the sets and actors.if anything the headphones got in the way.

What suprised me the most was how much detail was in each set. I never really noticed when I watched the films but every label is handwritten, every book Is hand painted, it was incredible how much effort went into these films. 

They have interactive games dotted throughout the tour. There is one where you can control a broomstick, one where you ride the train and even one where you can make yourself an undesirable. For some reason my bff and I had the giggles during the train game so most of them photos are very unattractive but will allways produce a smile when I look at them. 

As I walked around I found myself completely in awe at the talent of the artists that worked on these films. It was truly amazing and a privilege to be able to see the work they had done. I fell in love with all of the paintings there. 

My last photo is probably the most shared photo people take of the tour but believe me when I say you completely forget that when you are there. You get to the end and you see people go into a room and say “wow” and you don’t know why untill you walk into the room and see the hogwarts castle lit up in all its glory. It is a fabulous sight. 

I would recommend anyone who likes Harry Potter to visit the studio. It is so much fun and I am super happy that I finally made it there. 😊❤️😍

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This year I will be attempting the book-tube-argon challenge. 

I have never attempted it before but i am so excited to give it a go. For those who don’t know the book-tube-athin challenge is to read  seven books in seven days. All books counts so audio, comic, classic are all in. These are also seven separate challenges aswell that I will be attempting.

  • 1. Read a book outside.

I chose a small book for this one. With the British weather being so unreliable I didn’t want to choose a book that would take long time to read. I have absolutely no idea what this book is about but it has been sitting on my self for a while so I thought it was about time I picked it up.

  • 2. Read a book you bought because of the cover.

Again I have no idea what this book is about I got as an impulse buy because the cover is pretty. 

  • 3. Read a hyped book

This book I bought because booktube made a huge fuss about it. All I know is that it is about three sisters trying to win the throne. This is the one book I’m looking forward to reading the most so I hope it lives up to the hype.

  • 4. Read a book with a person on the cover 

This is a re-read for me. It’s a typical romance about two people falling in love. It is the sweetest book on my list. 

  • 5.  Read a book in a day

This is another re-read. I choose a small book for this challenge because even though I am a fast reader, reading an entire book in one day is pretty hard.  This book is about how three young children try to keep their fortune out of their evil uncles hands. 

  • 6. Read a book that has a different character from you

For this challenge I chose the character of Hercule Poirot. I chose him because he is a different gender, different age, different nationalitie and he lives in a different time period. I am extremely happy with my choice for this challenge. The book I’m reading I cards on the table. I have never read it or seen the tv episode. 

  • 7 Read seven books

To round this challenge up to seven books I chose a monsters call. I bought this book because it had won lots of awards and the cover looked interesting. 

I have tried to mix my books up for this challenge. I didn’t want to only read ya but I didn’t want to exclude it either. I’ve got a few different genres with some new and some old. 

I can’t wait to start  😊❤️

Happy Reading everyone x x x

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P.s my Insta story or goodreads will be the best place to see how I’m doing. 


Link to event above. Booktubeathon starts on Monday 24th July ❤️👍


I don’t know why or where my latest obsession has come from but I am absolutely loving everything Portuguese. 

I think it may have been started by that song despacito. Not the one with Beiber, the original one. 

It on repeat in my house all the time as I’m listening to it while unpacking boxes. It’s so catchy ❤️.

Also my current favourite tv show is a Brazilian show called merciless. I cannot rave about this show enougth. It 13 eps long on channel 4 website. It about a psychopath and how the police twig everything together. It’s gripping. It’s all so completely in Portuguese. Don’t worry there are English subtitles. 

It’s not a mystery, it is a thriller. You know who the psychopath is from the get go. It is shown mostly from the psycho eyes.

It’s chilling and gripping.

Love it 😍❤️

I have discovered that there is a library in Portugal that inspired the hogwarts staircases in the Harry Potter books. 

How beautiful it this 😍😍😍. 

I need to go to Portugal or Latin America soon. 

Amazing places. 

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It won’t let me copy the channel 4 link but if you type merciless in the channel four search bar on the website or app it comes up straight away. 

We Are In 😊

A quick post today to say yay 😊 After months of planning and sorting we are finally in our new home.

I’m so happy to be in and hopefully will not have to move again for a very long time.

I did take some photos on the day but I forgot to save them to my phone which means the lucky people who follow my Insta are the only ones to see them. 

Instead here are a few photos of my lovely new garden instead 

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The Strange and Kitsch

Etsy is home to many quirky bits and pieces which I adore. It is one of the many reasons that I keep going back, there is so many interesting things.

One of them is a quirky jewellery shop by Aeyshea Jones.

Her shop is full of lovely bits and bobs.  One that caught my eye was a flower brooch.

Of course it's Disney 😍 
It’s the flower from Tangled 😍 It’s sooo beautiful. Being obsessed with all things Disney this was going to draw my attention.

As I may have mentioned one or twice before I’m a little obsessed with books so you shouldn’t be suprised why I thought this was super cute.

It’s a book charm ❤️📚.  Seriously how sweet is this 😍 This would look perfect on any bookworms bookcase, preferably right next to your favourite book.

The Mario games were a favourite of mine as a child. I would play them for hours. Mostly Mario Kart as I loved winning. These pieces bring back found memories of those times.

These are so cute. The first two pictures are necklaces and the last one is a bracelet.  The bracelet is my favourite of the three.  

While we are reminiscing childhood, do you remember this film?

Its an oldie but a goodie. It’s a never ending story, necklace. It’s charming and goes with almost any outfit. The colours are gorgeous and work really well with other pieces of jewellery. 

Something that also works well with every outfit is this scarf. 

It’s a day of the dead vintage scarf. It’s quirky, it’s fun plus it’s full of pretty skeletons. Which I love. It’s super girly and will work wonders for keeping my hair off my face while I’m reading. Bliss. 

All items in the shop are handmade from scratch. They are also posted worldwide. 

These are only a few items from Aeysheas shop, there are loads more. 

To check it out go to


I’ve been reading some reviews and found that a customer has used this piece as theirs wedding centre.

How frigging cool is that 😲. 

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